BeeCorrect Impression Kit

BeeCorrect Impression Kit

39 £

Your BeeCorrect impression kit has everything you need to take impression moulds at home. When you are ready, send them to us using the prepaid shipping label inside your box. Your case will be individually reviewed by our orthodontists and after that you will receive a fully interactive 3D model of your teeth. We will deliver your aligners to your home.

What is included in the box?

  • impression trays (2 upper and 2 lower),
  • impression mold materials (4 boxes base and 4 catalysts),
  • smile stretcher,
  • gloves for mixing the putty,
  • and a DHL return shipping label.

The advantages

  • Full refund if you are not a candidate
  • No office visits required
  • No commitment to buy aligners
  • Certified orthodontic review


Frequently Asked Questions

What is an impression kit?

It is what we send to you in order to take moulds of your teeth to create your treatment plans. It consists of four trays and silicone to take the impressions. Also you will find instructions on how to take these moulds, how to take photos, a mouth stretcher, and a prepaid shipping label to stick to the box.

Will the impression kit fit me if I have a bigger or smaller mouth?

We have different sizes of impression trays, so we will send the impression kit according to the size of your teeth arches in order to fit into your mouth.

What are the benefits of doing the impression kit at home?

There is no need to go to the dentist and wait. You can take the impression in the comfort of your home.

What happens if I do not take the impressions properly?

After you send your impression kit back to us and if we find that the impressions were not taken well, we will send another impression kit to you.

I was not a candidate when I purchased the impression kit. Since then I have fixed the problems in my mouth. Can I restart with the Bee Correct clear aligners?

Yes, you can. Just fill the form Am I a Candidate?

Can I purchase an impression kit for my friend or for my family?

Yes you can, but you have to create an account for each of them with a specific email address. Each purchase of kit has to be assigned to a different email address.