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Bee Correct whitening system

Bee Correct whitening system

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Our Bee Correct whitening kit has everything you need to achieve your bright and confident smile.

  • Lactose-free,
  • Gluten-free,
  • Soy-free,
  • Vegan,
  • enamel-safe whitening agent used by dentists.

It also helps you remove tough stains. The LED light is designed to speed up the whitening process. You will start seeing the result from the first week.

  • 2 whitening pens and 1 desensitizer pen
  • Enamel safe and contains anti-sensitivity ingredients
  • 16- LED light for maximal results and minimum sensitivity
  • Iphone and Android compatible
  • Professional whitening without the office visits.

Real Results


Frequently Asked Questions

How it works?

Brush your teeth, after that rinse and dry. Apply a thin layer of gel only on the frontal surface of your teeth. Plug the LED mouthpiece into your phone and put it into your mouth tightly. Wait for 25 minutes. After that, take off the mouthpiece and rinse with warm water. Clean and dry the mouthpiece for the next use.

What food or drinks should i avoid after whitening?

For a long lasting result we recommend that you avoid drinking coffee and red wine and smoking. There are also other colourants that can affect the result.

How bright will my teeth become?

They will become 3 to 5 shades brighter in a week.

In case of supersensitivity do I have to continue using it?

In very rare cases, it is possible that sensitivity may occur. If the application of the desensitizing pen does not help, you have to stop using the whitening pen.